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I Made $1,879.75 Decluttering During Covid!

Decluttering is life-changing. On top of that, I’ve had an unexpectedly fascinating experience selling stuff I’ve decluttered during Covid. There are SO many life and business lessons in this. (Pic is of today’s packages going out the door.)
I’ve written an article called “BIG LESSONS FROM LITTLE SALES” and am happy to share it with anyone interested. It’s too long to post. Some Key Points:

1. Numbers Add Up

Letting little numbers add up is a huge opportunity to understand how money and numbers are on your side without going nuts over the $.

2. Fun

As soon as something becomes fun, it changes everything. Your sense of the time it takes is different. Caring about the details is different. Everything changes and you go deeper into the experience, ironically, when your attitude is lighter.

3. The People Part

One reason Poshmark is so different from other reselling sites is because it’s set up to be a social media platform. The love shared with selling is the bomb. It’s a totally different experience.
There are many, many more points I can share, including tons of specific tips for selling on Poshmark. BTW, I’m now a Poshmark Ambassador, a status you can reach, which comes with privileges and insights and I can share about that too.
PM me if you’d like a copy of the longer article and I’ll link to it eventually here.

Why Backbends?

The stronger and more flexible — and mobile — you get physically, the more you can move through your day with ease that has nothing to do with the physical. It’s one of life’s paradoxes. This is a modification of “Camel Pose,” as I work towards more extreme poses like “Mermaid.” So why would you want to practice backbends? Benefits include:

  • Relieves anxiety and stress
  • Brings your spine back to its natural flexion
  • Relieves chronic back or neck pain
  • Improves breathing
  • Opens your mind and heart to new possibilities
  • Gain new perspectives
  • Stretches your abdominal muscles & internal organs
  • Gain bravery, strength and trust

Goat Yoga!


These are cropping up. Oxytocin anyone? This photo is from a beautiful looking place in Connecticut but it’s over 3 hours away from me. Found one in NJ only an hour away. Stay tuned for my version of the experience.

Who wants to take goat yoga too? 

Daytrippin and I’m Thinking of You

A quick day trip can change your whole perspective.

What a day for a day trip this Saturday. I attended an Iyengar yoga “ropes” workshop in pretty Warwick, NY. This was taken quickly out my car window while traversing the winding mountain road. Savoring the bright blue sky, new green trees and perfect temperature. The workshop was fun too. Where are some places near you (within 2 hrs of NYC) that make for great day trips?

Would You Buy Your Best Friend a Website?


This is going on the Bronxville Diner placemat for my business, Embodyart, where I design websites, brands, social media, marketing, write captivating copy, create online courses and membership sites and do all things communication… Whaddya think?

Friends in Embodywear | Spiritual Entrepreneur

Feels so good. It’s incredible to start something from the ground up. It starts within your heart and soul. You know it. You feel it. It can’t be contained and it’s not about you. Everything starts small. Watch it grow. Nurture it. Love it. It’ll reward you.

Ever Work on Your Core?

Your inner core, the one that informs what you do, feel, think, believe, receive?

Spiritual Entrepreneurs work from the inside out.

Your core supports your life the same way your physical core supports your body. Maybe it’s time to build up some strength there.

Doing inner “core” work with light-infused Elisabeth Scheffer.

Site Launch: New Jersey Dog!

Just finished the design, copywriting and development of my longstanding client and friend’s site. Highland Kennel is now https://NewJersey.Dog — Pleased to present the website to you — fresh like you like!

All to celebrate 40 years in business this year!

I’m still refining things so if you see anything odd, either check back in a couple days and/or let me know.

Isn’t Nature Amazing?


Ants feasting on a dollop of peanut butter?, caramel? on my front porch.

There’s a trail on both sides going way, way far and disappearing into a teeny crevice on both sides.

Thinking this blip of deliciousness is going to feed local ants for like all of 2019 or so…

Thanks to Ryan Gilly for pointing this out to me today!



verb informal
calm down and relax.
“you can dance to your favorite tune, chill, or have friends over”

Time to chill in our Namaste tissue-weight tank. Comes in a bunch of luscious colors. Perfect for the way you feel now.

I make colorful rugs —

Besides clothing for the Spiritual Entrepreneur™ did you know I make colorful, high-quality custom rugs?

This one is called “Think.”

Inspired by the Abstract Expressionist painters. See more on the site: Thanks for visiting.

Hanging Above Times Square

Times Square seen from the outdoor Broadway Lounge & Terrace today hanging with the affiliate team from WPEngine (my web host) who are up from Austin, TX for a big conference.

It’s cool sitting above the madness once you get up there. Sort of like being in an open airplane flying low.

This is taken through glass, which you can’t really tell. I don’t think you can tell how chaotic it is either. The streets are so full, you can barely move. There’s construction and flashing signs in all directions and even the streets themselves at 45th and Broadway intersect in chaotic crossings.

There must have been several thousand people in the vast bar area. Excellent food, very nice people.


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— Value: $598 —

©Designed with love | featured rugs by Katie + Embodyart 

Local Color • International Reach

Based in da Bronx. You got a problem with that?

Serving you internationally.

©Designed with love
featured rugs by Embodyart 

Local Color • International Reach

Based in da Bronx.
You got a problem with that?

Serving you internationally.

Finish strong.

Super simple 90-day planning tool.

Caution: Leads to focus and “internal decluttering.”

Super simple 90-day planning tool.

Caution: Leads to focus
and “internal decluttering.”