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What would the best version of you do?

If you’re faced with a question in your life, ask yourself: What would the higher version of me do / say / think / feel / want?

Don’t know which business or product to focus on? Ask your best self. Don’t know if a relationship is serving you and/or you’re serving it? What would the best version of you feel or try? Not sure whether to risk an investment? Would your best self say to go for it or to hold off?

The answers are there waiting for you. And the cool part is, you’re the one you’re consulting. The best version of you.

And if you’re not sure who the best version of you is, dive into that. What does he/she do all day? What are her biggest joys? What makes him/her laugh?

This is thanks to conversations with Crystal Dawn Johnson. She’s incredible.  This just might change your life. Your work. Your money. Your relationships. Your joy.

This is a cool time — what will you make of it?

It’s up to you. You hold the cards. You may “think” other people hold cards that affect you but you have the power. You get to decide. You hold the keys to your own destiny.

For some of us, it takes longer to realize that we hold the reigns on our own lives. For others, not so much time, lol. Either way, you’re the driver. You say what goes and what doesn’t. Once you take the reigns for real — LOOK OUT WORLD — the sky’s the limit.

So what’s the deal? Where will you go? You’re in charge.

Fuzzy Client Checks Out New Signage

Installed pretty, useful parking lot signs I designed for Glen Rock Vet today.

So much fun! Check out the fuzzy client being shown by Omar, the awesome vet tech, where to park.

It was a glorious day for a drive to cute Glen Rock, New Jooorsey. The sun dappled the lush green roads. How often does the sun dapple each year?

Designing signage is trickier than it appears. I had a lot of back and forth getting the holes placed properly for the hardware so they wouldn’t obstruct the text. When using artwork, you want to be sure the main point of the sign is super clear. The surface has a reflective coating to show up better at night.

All in all, a great, successful project. And the best vet in the tristate area. Seriously. Word.

Life’s Beauty is Created by Little Things

One at a time. Unfolding into happiness…

Happy Bliss Day! — and FREE Prosecco to Boot —

Friday is Bliss Day in my world — and I gladly share it with you too — thanks to Iyengar yoga class and all the magical things that fell into place around it.

Today, I was given a FREE bottle of my favorite Prosecco. My friend Jerry from the liquor store finagled a bottle from his distributor, knowing it’s my favorite. He gave it to me chilled. No charge.

What happiness did you experience today?

Injury and Failure Are Your Greatest Teachers

Jared McCann of Lighthouse Yoga and Andrea Nicole Ortiz, USA National Yoga Asana champion 2015, demonstrate extreme skill and fun.

I keep hearing stories of extremely advanced yogis who went through extreme pain before they achieved what they’re able to do now. My own experience of SI joint scary pain did just what my teacher Ryan Gilly said it would, which was to take my practice to the next level. Injuries are your greatest teacher, he said. He’s right. It’s because it shows you clearly what does what in your body.

The same can be said for our minds. Your so-called failures are your greatest teachers. They give you insight that’s essential.

Envision it and watch it happen. What’s your dream? Dream it real.


EmbodyFocus Video Testimonials

EmbodyFocus is an “internal decluttering” Program + Mastermind for entrepreneurs, born out of my 17 years of entrepreneurship. I’ve attended the school of hard knocks. I’ve made tons of mistakes. EmbodyFocus was born from facing the fear and the need to create new ways of operating; it’s a system that smashes inertia and brings joy, connection and income. Join me and thrive!

So psyched — Carla’s 1-minute video sharing is on the EmbodyFocus website —

To watch it, go to It’s pretty near the start of the page.

Thanks again Carla!

(Open once a year; next date TBD.)


Love is a hero’s journey

“Love is a hero’s journey, and the hero’s journey is a noble but difficult path. Recognizing this, and honoring it as such, endows romantic love with the grandeur and power it deserves. An overly casual mind might attract love easily enough, but lacks the emotional musculature necessary to maintain it. Love is a daytime as well as a nighttime activity, and it demands that we become a creature of both. Every part of who we are is brought up for review, that we might let go what is heavy and low within us, and claim what is light and high. Romance then becomes a spiritual missile, taking us from where we’ve been to where we need to go.”

– Marianne Williamson, “Enchanted Love”

Many of us grow weary on the journey. Courage says it’s normal to grow weary. And proceed anyway. To your courageous loving…


your world evolves with you

when something evolves, everything around that thing evolves as well

— from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

As you step up, the whole world will magically keep pace. Don’t worry. Go where you know you need to go. Be brave. The world will come with you. The right people. The right opportunities. Have faith and watch it unfold. This is the Universe’s job. Your job is to be courageous.


Home is where the phone is

You can work — and play — anywhere. All you need are a few helpful tools, a focused attitude and your blazing imagination. Our pretty phone cases uplift that brilliant spirit of yours… check ‘em at

Rigged in Your Favor

Live Life as if Everything is Rigged in Your Favor — rumi

Want to lear how? Join the EmbodyFocus Program & Mastermind.

Waitlist now open. Just once a year. Contact me for info and visit EmbodyFocus online.

Props for a Summer’s Day

An enchanting book (finished). A fiery brew. A sullen angel chillin.

Amazingly beautiful day here today in NYC. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of soft air on your skin on a gorgeous day.

Sharing the bliss.

(Thanks to friends who encourage me to get outside!)

You’re flexible

A key component for success. You know how to bend when it’s called for. And it’s fun! Life is all about change. It never stops. And you know how to take it in stride.

Our versatile tote, mini and tank know how to flex with you. Carry on…

You feel things deeply — relax into it

Spiritual Entrepreneurs are my jam. And they’re yours too. You’re motivated. You’re a believer. You run deep.

Take time out. It’s important. You need to recharge.

We’re here to support you. Here, our pretty phone case and mug lend a hand…


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Based in da Bronx. You got a problem with that?

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©Designed with love
featured rugs by Embodyart 

Local Color • International Reach

Based in da Bronx.
You got a problem with that?

Serving you internationally.

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Super simple 90-day planning tool.

Caution: Leads to focus and “internal decluttering.”

Super simple 90-day planning tool.

Caution: Leads to focus
and “internal decluttering.”