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Wholistic design, copy & tech.

Hi. I’m Katie. I create wholistic design, copy & tech plus productivity systems for brilliant, playful, spiritual entrepreneurs. 

— gorgeous, unique brands, advertising, websites, courses.

COPY — clear, compelling copy that nails its target.

TECH — I love systems and set up smart ones for you, including e-commerce.

YOU’VE SPOTTED A UNICORN — In the design world, all-in-one ability is called being a ”unicorn” because it’s so rare. It’s also referred to as being a “full stack” designer, one who knows technology; I include skilled copywriting and unique organizational systems that give you back your time while increasing profits, fun and connection. Everything’s inter-connected: wholistic.

How it works.


Your Vision

MESSAGE CLARITY — First I help you clarify your value proposition words that resonate. Tthis process gets to the heart of your business and makes your brand able to speak to your perfect clients. 


Your Brand

DESIGN, COPYWRITING, TECH SYSTEMS — Next we create your unique website, brand identity, copywriting, logo, social media, print materials, e-mail marketing, artwork. All the pieces you need.


Your Clients

CONNECT & SELL — Now, we connect your products / services and clients. Relationship is the key, I build courses & memberships for recurring revenue. I offer original productivity systems. Raving fans await.

How it’s affecting entrepreneurs.

“Katie’s an inspiring blend of wordsmith wizard, graphic ninja and business genius…

— Kari Samuels, Intuitive Counselor & Happiness Coach, Carlsbad, CA

“Any room Katie’s in should be called the ‘living’ room…

— Richard Kaufman, Ad Writer, NYC

“Among the most talented and versatile resources we have had the pleasure of calling upon…

— John Zweig, CEO WPP Group, NYC

“Exactly what our market place needs…

— Patrick Anderson, Ontraport
Santa Barbara, CA

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