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What’s in a name?

Names are tags, identifiers, how products and services — and you — stick or don’t stick in customers’ minds.

5 Keys to Your Great Name

I look for 5 things in a great name:

  1. Short
    needed for advertising, layouts etc.
  2. Clear
    unless a made up word, which can work
  3. Memorable
    easy to remember (and ideally spell and speak)
  4. Funny
    optional and good to have
  5. Smart
    optional and good to have

Naming portfolio.

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centered a butter way
centered floorplay artist
centered nj dog
centered luxe redux
centered gratitude place
forza strength
centered glenrock
centered inside out
bluespire headline
centered be a buddy
centered play yourself first
centered laugh your past off
centered coloraddict
centered beanefits
centered find your peace
centered gaijinworks
centered fen shui your time
centered see spot run
centered conscious heart
centered whichcraft
musical schmear
centered first select
centered let your nature flow
thinklaughlearn name
centered melody, memory
centered digiboom
centered lay down
centered personal power
centered glow with the flow
centered plan to thrive
centered package
centered brain trainer
centered financial agility
centered soul pattern
centered wear your heart out
centered find your way
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I name businesses, products and initiatives so as to better serve your needs. This is one of my favorite communication undertakings and the names I’ve created for clients have helped them spread the word, literally, about their unique offerings.

Domain Name Awesomeness

I create headlines, taglines and summary statements that are smart, simple, captivating and easy to remember. I love helping you find memorable domain names, especially when you think “all the good ones are taken.”

Naming Systems

Good naming systems help tie pieces of a campaign together. I come up with related but distinctive element names. I help you create a cohesive naming system so all the parts of your business “talk” to each other. Naming systems help people quickly make sense of complex ideas and relationships.

 Like when you find the right dress that just fits…

I love the writing that Katie’s done for me… The name Katie created for my business fits like when you find the right dress that just fits you.”

— Karen Trepte, GaijinWorks International, Novato, CA

The Look of a Word

How the letters of a name look matters also, in attracting attention, creating a great logo or logotype and in your audience’s reaction to your name. This is one reason I love naming projects because I bring design skills to your worthy words.

Get in touch so I can help you find concise, relevant, memorable names for your business and projects to allow your business — and you — to go where you’re meant to.

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