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Social media.

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Connection = success.

Social Media Grows Businesses

Social media and Facebook, the social platform in which I’ve got special expertise, is a phenomenon for connecting and growing your business. The best part is that it’s fun.

I create a coordinated branded presence on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, if appropriate.

With over 35,000 fans on two Facebook business pages of my own, I’ve been surprised by the clout of this medium. I meet the majority of my clients through Facebook.

Meet Clients the World Over

Easily connect with people all over the world., creating a global client base. This also means you can find niche groups perfect for your product or service.

Using social media for business is not “business as usual.” For businesses who haven’t excelled using it, it’s likely because their thinking is used to old models that don’t apply here. I can help.

An Abundant Opportunity

There are over 2 billion people on Facebook daily. It’s a no brainer to use this power for your business. Facebook suits my clients well because what works great on Facebook is a playful attitude and eye-catching imagery.

Pictures + Words = Connection

Delivering a powerful (and fun) message through coordinated images and words creates connection. Areas I address for your successful social media presence include:

  • Facebook Branded Page: Beautifully brand your cover and profile images
  • Instagram: Set up a coordinated Instagram account
  • LinkedIn: Stand out with your accomplishments and target connections
  • Twitter: Create a matching branded Twitter identity
  • Posting Style: Create a consistent, attractive posting style
  • Apps: Use apps where logical to interconnect and drive interest
  • Events and Promotions: Branded event pages fill events
  • Groups: Set up your own group and lead people to your offers
  • Ads: Get powerful bang for your buck

Want a gorgeous site + business that brings in $ and makes you wake up happy every day?

Book a Consultation to Get Started!

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