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 The best… took my breath away…

When I saw the logo Katie designed on our water jug, it literally took my breath away. Katie’s a really amazing part of our team. I appreciate her so much.

— Sam Kovalyov
CEO, Haven
Livingston Manor, NY

 Katie’s an inspiring blend of wordsmith wizard, graphic ninja and business genius…

I love working-playing-creating with Katie so much! Katie’s an inspiring blend of wordsmith wizard, graphic ninja and business genius. I originally hoped she could help me deliver my message in a way that was inviting and authentic. I got so much more! She’s super fun to work with and buzzing with ideas. She delivered a beautiful product that’s fun, gorgeous and represents me to a tee. I love love love Katie as a person and for all things creative and business.”

—Kari Samuels, Intuitive Coach
San Diego, CA

 Katie creates beauty all around her… she’s a good witch!…

Katie’s the most lovable and beautiful “nerd” I’ve ever known. And brilliant! Katie helped me to share my true self and creates safe space. She’s a good witch! and so much more… an amazingly talented and beautiful soul. Katie creates beauty all around her.

— Bobby Manard
Inside Out Coach
Rochester, NY

 Damn she’s good!…

Damn she’s good! HUUGE THANK YOU to Katie for designing my spectacular logos! Katie is fun to work with, is super creative and has tons of knowledge about branding and logos. I absolutely adore them! I feel as if my business just became an ‘adult’ now that I have an awesome logo that I can be proud of and build off of for the rest of the branding — they finish everything off so nicely, so professionally, so elegantly and creatively. Thanks again Katie! You’re awesome!.”!

— Kathleen Atkins
Houndstooth Pets
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

 Katie’s created THE most beautiful sales funnel and sales letter I’ve ever seen…

Katie has gone above and beyond all of my expectations. Not only has she named the witty ‘A Butter Way’ program, she’s also created THE most beautiful sales funnel and sales letter I’ve ever seen. It has to be experienced to be believed!”

— Tara Hanrahan, SculptCoach
London, UK


Katie is magical with the way she weaves people and things together.”

— Robin Feldmus Matteo, Peaceology
Bridgewater, NJ

 I’ve got the best web developer in the world with Katie…

Katie’s communication skills are what sold me. I knew she was smart but I didn’t know she was THIS smart OMgoodness… I’ve got the best web developer in the world with Katie.”

— Gary Turner
OneStop Financial
Vancouver, WA

 Love our rapport…

I really love our rapport. I’m so grateful.”

— Christina Fanizzi
Pilates Alchemy
Philadelphia, PA

 Wow, what an upgrade…

Wow, what an upgrade. Katie always delivers. It looks fantastic (but I wouldn’t expect anything else from her).”

— Wendy Shane, DigiBoom
Salem, MA

 Amazing work!…

Thank you so much for your amazing work! I appreciate your creativity every day!”

— Lorelle Cicitta, Forza Fitness
Ocean City, NJ

 Both Katie’s cover letters resulted in interviews and a dream job…

It’s awesome working with Katie. I love how Katie puts me at ease. She has a great sense of humor which made what could have been a tedious project fun. I love how Katie is able to take the raw “clay” of my talking and turn it into pure poetry. She is able to elicit the information you need by asking all the right questions. Both Katie’s cover letters resulted in interviews [and a dream job]. I also love her design work, which all shows “movement” in the art. I like her flexibility. I highly recommend Katie’s services to everyone.”

— Joanne Delaney, Social Worker
Bronx, NY

 Your authenticity shines so bright…

Thank you Katie! You were wonderful; your authenticity shines so bright :)”

— Susie Romans
Paycheck Love
Chicago, IL

 What an amazing job Katie did for me…

Damn she’s good! What an amazing job Katie did for me. I am so impressed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

— David Sobel, I Am David Sobel
Flemington, NJ

 You’ve had a really big impact…

You’ve taken a complicated subject and made it fairly simple to understand. We could keep you here all night. You’ve had a really big impact.”

— Shelley Hutchinson
Client Nectar
Cambridgeshire, UK

 Katie’s made a big difference…

Katie’s made a big difference in my life and my business.”

— Rae-Ann Wood-Schatz
Integrity Seminars
Edmonton, Canada

 Personal. Casual. Powerful…

I love your style. Personal. Casual. Powerful.”

— Mary Houle
Speech Pathologist
Ottawa, Canada

 My web designer is a genius…

My web designer is a genius. I’m so happy, I could cry.”

— Pilar Arsenec, Ordinary Servant
Queens, NY

 How does it get any better?!!!…

What a GREAT pleasure to work with you! LOVE YOU and GIVE THANKS EMPRESS!! You SHINE and we FEEL YOUR LOVE and SUPPORT!!!!!! YOU are a pleasure to know and collaborate with! Your energy and enthusiasm are infectious!… How does it get any better?!!!”

— Laura Haykel
The Haykel Twins, NYC

 Katie is my genius…”

— Regina Jennings

An incredible designer and fabulous writer…

Love the website! Katie’s an incredible designer and fabulous writer. Our website she created is award-winning quality, for the combination of fantastic writing and creative design. Absolutely incredible! An amazing talent!”

— Elise Vazquez
Glen Rock Vet
Glen Rock, NJ

 I’m in awe of what you do!…

I’m in awe of what you do! Embodyart is fascinating and one of the most beautifully created concepts I’ve come across. Brilliant.”

— Natasha Gilmour
Writer / Editor

 Katie’s brilliant creative mind elevates brands from bland to BAM!…

Katie’s so smart, innovative, creative, adaptable and good with people. She’s so impressive and knows more things than anyone I know. She takes action. I highly recommend her!”

— Crystal Dawn Johnson
Wealth Coach

 Business has increased a lot as a result of the clarity Katie brought…

Working with Katie to design and create my new website has been an amazing experience! Katie took everything in my head and turned it into a reality. My e-commerce site turned out exactly how I had envisioned it plus so much more. I highly recommend Katie!”

— Becky Horan
Outdoor Space Design
Folsom, CA

 Your websites are gorgeous! Sexy, playful, alive…

Wow, girlfriend, your websites are gorgeous! Sexy, playful, alive… It’s good to have all the dark corners filled with love.”

— Ephraim Mallery
Modern Hedonist
Denver, CO

 So unbelievably generous and devoted to my vision and success…

Katie is amazing. So unbelievably generous and devoted to my vision and success. I couldn’t be more pleased. I highly recommend her! Katie designed my insanely beautiful sales page for my FitGirl Academy program. Katie, you’re a rockstar!”

— Mina Yun, Fitgirl Academy

 My website generates income…

The website looks AMAZING! My website Katie created captures interest and generates income. Very few people can actually say that. And I can quantify it. I’m really excited about what we’re creating.”

— Dr. Michael Major
Verve Orthodontics
St. Albert, Canada

 Results that go way beyond expectations…

Katie brings a rare talent to work: the ability to reach deep into an assignment and produce results that go way beyond expectations. Katie has consistently created stirring images and concise, compelling writing. We like working with Katie because she’s a pro — an effective listener who constantly brings a fresh dimension to her craft.”

— Larry Eckerle
Zero Gravity Group
Millwood, NY

 My website’s gorgeous.

“Website feedback about Katie’s design is ‘it’s gorgeous.’”

— Lisa LaRosa
Growth & Resilience Psychotherapy
Hawthorne, NY

 Simply the best — an absolute joy to work with…

Katie is simply the best, awesome! — an absolute joy to work with. Katie was able to translate my personality into my materials and I am very grateful to have found her. My absolute highest recommendation!”

— Patrick Pfeiffer
Bass Guitar for Dummies, NYC

 Brilliantly written…

Katie this is a brilliantly written article! One where you immediately say, “OMG!” Your website is also brilliant. Kudos for all you do, not just for what you’ve written. There is no question you bring profound new life into the world just by your energy of love and support. Abundantly blessed I’d say.”

— Kellie Frazier
Connecting Faith, Hope & Love
Greenville, SC

 So talented and valuable…

Wow — SO talented and valuable on SO many levels!! Katie creates unique, joyful products and services which scream individuality, vibrancy and the joy of life.”

— Susan Farley
Susan Farley Photography

 Katie is a living art!…

Katie Geddes Colormaiden is a living art.”

— Jules Boonen, Medium
Whakatane, New Zealand

A true joy…

Katie is great to work with, a true joy and so beautifully creative and alive.”

— Gabriel Fiedler, Sunce’
Encinitas, CA

 Katie exudes ethics, love, beauty, and integrity…

I highly recommend anything associated with Katie. Katie exudes ethics, love, beauty, and integrity in all she does.”

— Mary Cate O’Malley
Strategic Communications
San Diego, CA

 I’m in love with my site… I trust Katie very much…

It’s been my dream for 3 years to streamline everything I do and that’s what Katie and I have now done. Katie is one of the most talented web designers, copywriters and brand specialists I know. Everything Katie does just speaks to me. I am in love with my site. Katie gets me… and my art and my other passions. I love Katie for being such a wonderful listener. Her enthusiasm has gotten me out of heavy, heated times and I consider her a dear friend. I trust her very much. I am grateful to know Katie!”

— Nathalie Villeneuve
Pause and Paint
Meriden, CT

 Exactly what I wanted…

Katie did exactly what I wanted [with my site}. I LOVE it! She took my vision and brought it to life.”

— Vicki Haddock
Transcending Limits
Neligh, NB

 Like when you find the right dress that just fits…

I love the writing that Katie’s done for me… The name Katie created for my business is like when you find the right dress that just fits you.”

— Karen Trepte
GaijinWorks International
Novato, CA

 Exactly what our marketplace needs…

I know exactly what you’re like without even talking to you from seeing your brand. It’s not an easy thing to do. People hate being sold. You can’t create a template for authenticity. It differentiates you from any website out there. It’s exactly what our marketplace needs. Kudos.”

— Patrick Anderson (right)
Pasadena, CA

 I brought in $15,000 in December using Katie’s system…

I brought in $15,000 in December using Katie’s system! I definitely recommend Katie and her system.”

— Gita Joshi
Orso Major Gallery
London, UK

 I love my site…

I love my site and it’s getting lots of hits. The options presented have been a huge timesaver when talking to clients. Thanks so much.”

— Wendy Fried, Wordcraft
Pleasantville, NY

 I Love Love Love the tagline you wrote…

I Love Love Love the tagline you wrote. Thank you for your patience, compassion, kindness, support, time, encouragement and most of all for your presence in my life. You are a priceless treasure!.”

— Alayna Richter, Emerald Vision
Port Washington, NY

 Katie completely unblocked my creative flow…

Katie is awesome! I was SO stuck and conflicted. Katie completely unblocked my creative flow. Seriously like a river — magic. Now it’s fun and creative again! I LOVE it! No settling, awesome!”

— Juliana Gregory
Men’s Relationship Coach
Evergreen, CO

 Everyone loves your design. They smile…

Everyone loves your design. They smile. It’s a little bit playful. I wanted something clean with lots of white space. I told Katie to go play and go have fun.”

— Richard Kaufman
Writer, NYC


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 I love Katie’s integrity and work ethic…

Katie has such an evolved, artistic sense… I got more than I imagined I would get… Katie’s intuitive and gets me and is also a great designer and copywriter… I love Katie’s integrity and work ethic. And I really appreciate and miss our status meetings. I totally recommend Katie to everyone who needs a website made with love. I can’t wait to work together again…”

— Alice Woo
Intuitive Business Coach
Toronto, Canada

Among the most talented and versatile resources we have had the pleasure of calling upon…

Katie is among the most talented and versatile resources we have had the pleasure of calling upon. Katie brings an elegant design sense to communication material that is rare; it significantly increases the effectiveness of the work. Katie does outstanding work. I couldn’t recommend Katie more highly.”

— John Zweig, CEO
WPP Group, NYC

 Masterful display of artistry…

[Our website is a] masterful display of a talented designer’s artistry embodied.”

— Bernard Arsenec
Ordinary Servant
Queens, NY

A great artist… a special way of bringing out the best in clients’ work…

Katie is the best I’ve worked with, a great artist. In addition to talent and sensitivity, Katie has a special way of bringing out the best in clients’ work. I highly recommend Katie.

— David Sokol
Euphoria Studios, NYC

 Katie has MAD SKILLS…

Katie has MAD SKILLS. Thank you Katie so, so, so much for your brilliance and talent.”

— Kat Frati, Just Become You
Manchester by the Sea, MA


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 Katie’s work ethic is absolutely fantastic…

Katie is such a gem to work with… I love the way our site came out… We had a very short turnaround… Katie’s work ethic was absolutely fantastic… Thank you for being able to grasp what our brand is about in such a short amount of time.. I definitely highly recommend Katie for any of your graphic arts, web design and other strengths Katie brings to the digital marketplace. Katie and Embodyart you rock!

— Jeff Agostinelli
Mastery Systems Int’l
Asheville, NC

 Katie = rocking awesome-ness…

“OMGOMGOMGOMG. The website is GORGEOUS! SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS!… Mwah and thank you! You = rocking awesomeness!

— Heather Ordover
CraftLit & Brave New Podcast
New Hope, PA

 Katie is creative, curious, smart, diligent, earnest, considerate, fueled by integrity and so thoroughly sassy…

Learning and growing beside Katie these past 7 years is an important through line for me. She is a touchstone, an accountability companion…  Because Katie is creative, curious, smart, diligent, earnest, considerate, fueled by integrity and so thoroughly sassy, we make good traveling companions on this life highway.

— Lisa DeLand, Dancing Fire Lizards
Austin, TX

 Blown away with what Katie’s done with my website…

I’m blown away with what Katie’s done with my website, more than I could have dreamed of and so in line with who I am and who I want to reach.”

— Wendy Straderick
The Gratitude Place
Essex, UK

 This girly knows what’s up!…

If you’re ready to take your brand AND website to the next level, this girly knows what’s up!”

— Anna Long, Electric Empire
Portland, OR

 Blown away at Katie’s ability to ‘see me’…

I can’t say how much it means to me that Katie is as excited about what I am creating as I am!! I feel she is really truly on my side. That means so much to me. I am blown away at Katie’s ability to ‘see me.’ Thankful.”

— Jeunesse Pearson, PlayFate
British Columbia, Canada

Attracted countless customers…

We’ve attracted countless customers through the site and brand Katie created for us. Our e-mail signups continue on a daily basis thanks to the opt-in she designed for us. Katie’s joy of life comes to light when you start talking pets with her. We had such a good time putting together the website. If you’re a person who enjoys the process as much as the finished product, Katie is your go to girl.

— Andre de Garmeaux
Highland Kennel
Howell, NJ

 Genius… a visionary…

I want to BIG UP Katie for her AWESOME images, as well as getting straight to the heart of the matter with Facebook posts, her genius about Facebook marketing and knowledge of how to get the MOST out of each post. She’s also a visionary and has an innate way of taking what we’re saying and writing it into bite sized pieces that reach out directly to our audience! Awesome Job Katie! I’d work with you again in a heart beat! Love Infinite!”

— Salsa Sarah, The Haykel Twins
Buffalo, NY

 The most successful presentation ever…

Katie’s efforts resulted in the most successful presentation in which I have ever taken part.”

— Darla Pagliari
Clearwater Writing
Chandler, AZ

 Feel like I’ve hit the jackpot…

 I’m so grateful to be in Katie’s MasterMind group. I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot having her.”

— Simone Sandy
The Spirited Entrepreneur
Boston, MA

 The site portrays exactly the feeling and ambience I wanted…

You did an amazing job creating my beautiful website! The site portrays exactly the feeling and ambience I wanted. You put together all the key components of my business with an elegant flair. Thank you!”

— Margo Seymour Sparto
The Denver Tea Room
Denver, CO

 I LOVE your style and all of the thought and artistry and pure genius that went into your website…

I love, love, love your website!!! I LOVE your style and all of the thought and artistry and pure genius that went into your website. I actually think your website is the coolest website I’ve ever seen.”

— Julia Carol, Director of Special Projects, Bright Line Eating
Grass Valley, CA

 Formidable creative talents… also wonderful passion, energy and humor…

Katie is terrific to work with — Katie not only brings formidable creative talents to her work but also a wonderful passion, energy and humor that makes both the work and the working process very special.”

— Max Caldwell, Towers Watson
Port Washington, NY

 Collaborative, creative, organized, on time and just plain yummy…

Katie designed our Academic Planners this year and they are Incredible!! Plus she is THE BEST to work with and truthfully I don’t like anyone. She is collaborative, creative, organized, on time and just plain yummy!!!!”

— Leslie Josel
Order Out of Chaos
Mamaroneck, NY

 Katie’s work dramatically increased business and revenue…

Business and revenue dramatically increased after Katie created our website, name, brand and materials.”

— Dr. Dennis Sepulveda
Glen Rock Vet
Glen Rock, NJ

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