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Think you can’t have it all?

Meet the “Total Package”

The Visionary

Total Package

$8k x 12/mo


Value Proposition Statement
& Visual Design ($3.5k)

Weekly Consulting Call ($10k)

Your Packages Defined ($2k)

Your Pricing Model ($2k)

Sales Funnel Map ($2k)

Brand Design ($3.5k)

Naming System ($3.5k)

Tagline ($3.5k)


Custom Logo ($3.5k)

Custom Graphics ($3.5k)

Custom Photography ($3.5k)

 Custom E-Commerce Site ($3.5k)

Optional Blog ($1k)

Site Development ($3.5k)

Online Forms ($3.5k)

Copywriting & Editing ($5.5k)

Print Identity ($3.5k)

Brochure or Rack Card ($2.5k)

Signage ($5.5k)


Opt-In Language & Setup ($1k) 

Freebie Concept & Creation ($3.5k)

CRM Automation(s) ($2.5k)

Online Scheduling ($500)

Sales Page ($3.5k)

Landing Page ($1k)

Social Media Identity ($2.5k)

E-Mail Marketing Setup ($1k)

E-Mail Sequence ($3.5k)

Ad Campaign ($3.5k)

Membership Site ($8.5k)

Total Value: $100k

Book w/$2k deposit

À la carte.

Need something stand-alone for an already-developed brand,
like an ad campaign, signage or social media?

Ask for a custom quote.

Need a pro resume / LinkedIn polishing?
The CEO | Dream Job package is perfect for you.

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How I’m helping people.

Nathalie Lussier

AccessAlly Founder, Canada

Clients who work with Katie always have an incredible experience and results!

Kari Samuels

Intuitive Coach, Portland, OR

Katie’s an inspiring blend of wordsmith wizard, graphic ninja and business genius…”

Larry Eckerle

Playwright, Corp Consultant, NY

Katie produces results that go way beyond expectations…”

Karen Salmansohn

Author, Oprah Columnist, NYC

Katie’s super talented. I love Katie’s writing and visual style. I also appreciate her honesty and heart…”

John Zweig

Chairman, Neuro-Insight, NYC

Katie is among the most talented and versatile resources we’ve had the pleasure of calling upon…”

David Sokol

Recording Studio Owner, NYC

Katie’s a great artist… she’s got a special way of bringing out the best in clients’ work…

Sam Kovalyov

CEO, Livingston Manor, NY

Katie’s logo design… literally took my breath away…”

David Rosenthal

Dolphin Ambassador, AZ

Katie absolutely motivates us to up-level everything we’re doing. We’re on a roll now…”

Crystal Johnson

Wealth Coach, TX & CO

Katie’s brilliant creative mind elevates brands from bland to BAM!…”

Becky Horan

Outdoor Designer, Folsom, CA

I wanted to do what Katie helped me achieve for 3 years! Business has increased significantly as a result of the clarity Katie brought…”

Faith Poe

Author, Delray Beach, FL

Katie is a FRICKEN GENIUS! I want to cry [my website] is so magical and so me and so fun. I LOVE what she did with my book cover. KATIE IS FRICKEN AMAZING!!!!!!”

Theo Lowry

Writer, Salt Spring Island, CAN

Katie crafted my website like a seamstress creating a custom-tailored outfit. It feels true to my work and also makes a stylish impression…”

Gary Turner

Financial Advisor, Vancouver, WA

I’ve got the best web developer in the world with Katie…”

Patrick Pfeiffer

Musician, Author, NYC

Katie’s simply the best — an absolute joy to work with…”

Linda Shay

Dolphin Ambassador, Hawaii

We’re so blessed and grateful for Katie! Every page is high on the ‘it feels SO GOOD to be here’ scale…”

Ephraim Mallery

Mindfulness Coach, Denver, CO

Katie’s websites are gorgeous! Sexy, playful, alive…”

Kathleen Atkins

Ice Cream Entrepreneur, Mexico

Damn she’s good!…”

Richard Kaufman

Ad Writer, NYC

Any room Katie’s in should be called the living room. Everyone loves Katie’s design. They smile…”

Tara Hanrahan

Weight Loss Coach, London, UK

Katie’s created THE most beautiful sales funnel and sales letter for me I’ve ever seen PLUS the witty program name A BUTTER WAY and design everyone loves…”

Alice Woo

Intuitive Coach, Toronto, CAN

I love Katie’s integrity and work ethic”

Natasha Gilmore

Writer & Editor, Australia

I’m in awe of what Katie does!…”

Bernard Arsenec

Christian Blog, Queens, NY

Masterful display of artistry…”

Mina Yun

Fitness Trainer, Canada

So unbelievably generous and devoted to my vision and success…”

Robin Feldmus

Clothing Designer, NJ


Elise Vazquez

Vet Assistant, Glen Rock, NJ

An incredible designer and fabulous writer… ”

Wendy Straderick

Cultivated Gardener, Essex, UK

Blown away with what Katie’s done with my website…”

Bobby Manard

Leadership Coach, Rochester, NY

Katie creates beauty all around her… she’s a good witch!… ”

Kat Frati

Workforce Coach, NH & MA

Katie has MAD SKILLS…”

Lisa LaRosa

Therapist, Hawthorne, NY

My website’s gorgeous.”

Dr. Michael Major

Orthodontist, St. Albert, CAN

My website generates income..”

Wendy Shane

Coach, Salem, MA

Wow, what an upgrade Katie delivered…”

Heather Ordover

Podcaster, New Hope, PA

Katie = rocking awesomeness…”

Lisa DeLand

Movement & Trauma Expert, TX

Katie’s creative, curious, smart, diligent, earnest, considerate, fueled by integrity and so thoroughly sassy…”

Christina Rajhansa

Pilates Trainer, Philadelphia, PA

Love our rapport…”

Andre de Garmeaux

Dog Kennel Owner, NJ

We’ve attracted countless customers with the brand and materials Katie created for us…”

Regina Jennings

Psychotherapist, NYC & CA

Katie is my genius…”

Jeff Agostinelli

Coach, Austin, TX

 Katie’s work ethic is absolutely fantastic…”

Kellie Frazier

Coach, Greenville, SC

Katie’s a brilliant writer…”

Anna Long

Entrepreneur, Portland, OR

Katie knows what’s up!…”

Joanne Delaney

Administrator, Bronx, NY

Both Katie’s cover letters resulted in interviews and a dream job…”

Lorelle Buccafurni

Fitness & Lifestyle Trainer, NJ

Amazing work!… ”

Susan Farley

Photographer, NYC

Katie’s so talented and valuable…”

Jules Boonen

Clairvoyant, Whakatane, NZ

Katie is a living art!…”

Gabriel Fiedler

Entrepreneur, Sedona, AZ

A true joy…”

Jeunesse Pearson

Counselor, BC, Canada

Blown away at Katie’s ability to ‘see me’…”

Sarah Haykel

Movement Instructor, Buffalo, NY

Genius… a visionary…”

Susie Romans

Entrepreneur, Chicago, IL

Katie’s authenticity shines so bright…”

Simone Sandy

Entrepreneur, Boston, MA

Feel like I’ve hit the jackpot being in Katie’s Mastermind…”

Mary Cate O’Malley

Communication., San Diego, CA

Katie exudes ethics, love, beauty, and integrity…”

Mary Houle

Speech Pathologist, Ottawa, CAN

Katie is: Personal. Casual. Powerful…”

David Sobel

Writer & Business Owner, NJ

What an amazing job Katie did for me…”

Karen Trepte

Finance Coach, Novato, CA

[The business name Katie created feels] Like when you find the right dress that just fits…”

Nathalie Villeneuve

Illustrator, Meriden, CT

I’m in love with my site… I trust Katie very much…”

Rae-ann Wood-Schatz

Integrity Seminars, coach, CAN

Katie’s made a big difference in my business and my life…”

Shelley Hutchinson

LinkedIn Leads, UK

Katie’s had a really big impact…”

Laura Haykel

Entrepreneur, Buffalo, NY

How does it get any better?!!!...”

Julia Carol

Visionary, Grass Valley, CA

I LOVE Katie’s style and all the thought and artistry and pure genius that went into her website…”

Margo Seymour

Tea Shop Owner, Denver, CO

The site portrays exactly the feeling and ambience I wanted…”

Vicki Haddock

Entrepreneur, Neligh, NB

Katie created exactly what I wanted…”

Alayna Richter

Coach, Port Washington, NY

I Love Love Love the tagline Katie wrote for me…”

Pilar Arsenec

Book Reviewer, NY

My web designer is a genius…”

Wendy Fried

Student Tutor, Pleasantville, NY

I love my site…”

Leslie Josel

Education Speaker, LA, CA

Katie’s collaborative, creative, organized, on time and just plain yummy…”

Juliana Gregory

Coach, Evergreen, CO

Katie completely unblocked my creative flow…”

Max Caldwell

Consultant, Port Washington, NY

Katie has formidable creative talents… also wonderful passion, energy and humor…”

Gita Joshi

Art Gallery Owner, London, UK

I brought in $15k in December using Katie’s system. I highly recommend Katie’s system…”

Patrick Anderson

Tech Businessman, Pasadena, CA

Katie is exactly what our marketplace needs...”

Eliezer Sobel

Psychology Today Columnist, NJ

Katie’s work is staggeringly beautiful...”

Dr. Dennis Sepulveda

Veterinarian, Glen Rock, NJ

Katie’s work dramatically increased business and revenue…”

Trusted by bigwigs.

The process.

— Rockstar Pro Brand Package Example —


  • CONSULT: We’ll have a consultation and business inquiry so your big picture goals are clear
  • SCHEDULE: We set up our regular call schedule and projected timeline
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: I loop you in on project management software (Basecamp, a life saver)
  • DOMAIN & HOSTING: I book your domain and hosting with my superior host
  • OTHER TOOLS: We discuss any other important tools we’ll use for your project
  • PLAN FOR FUN: Fun is a key ingredient here, never overlooked


  • VISION SESSION: Your Vision Session is the foundational step, leading to your “Primary Statement,” a key element of your business
  • COPY: Then we gather, create and/or edit copy
  • ARTWORK: Then we gather, create and/or edit artwork
  • BRANDING: I design your brand’s look and feel based on our Vision Session
  • DESIGN & CODING: I design your site and other communications and code at the same time (live or staged optional)
  • ONGOING ACCESS: Every element is shared in Basecamp so you can see how things are progressing
  • REVISIONS: Normally done as we work with up to 2 rounds included
  • LAUNCHING: If you need your existing site replaced when we’re done, no problem


  • COMPLIMENTARY TRAINING: I give you a 1-hour session on how to use your new site and design
  • TIPS: We talk through how to keep your business and site active (a website doesn’t run itself and if you just let it “sit” there, it won’t do what it can for you)
  • TO YOUR FUTURE: This is just the beginning of ever greater things for you and your business
  • TOAST: We toast to how much fun and how gratifying being a creative, crazy entrepreneur is!

Are you brave enough to be the best you?

If the Answer is Yes, I Can Help

Chops + experience

23 years running my own 6-figure business, Creative Director for billion-dollar firms and cute little guys too (see clients) — I can help take you where you wanna go.

Big picture + details

Big picture visionary thinking + detail-focused attention combined for your thriving success. You need both.

A long-term relationship

I’m a long-term client relationship builder, not a piecemeal approach resource. You’re not a must-do-it-all-yourself person, as you’ve got other important things that deserve your time. I value relationships above all else. 

Breathe, smile, dance, love, share…

Now you get to breathe, smile, dance, love and share what you’re put on this earth to do.

Wanna wake up happy every day?

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