Friday is my Bliss Day. Want it to be yours too?

Here’s how it happened.

Next, I want every day to feel this good. Think it’s possible? What does your Bliss Day look like?


Iyengar Yoga

First, (After not being able to do this forever) I added in Iyengar yoga without fail on Friday afternoons. Bliss starts. Makes you feel ah-mazing. This was the piece that made the rest of the day — and even my whole week’s schedule — fall into place. It’s true

Early Great Client

My awesome client then scheduled our weekly call for Friday earlier than I used to have calls. He’s worth it. I often have to prepare and get up even earlier. Our calls are rewarding so I feel accomplished early in the day.

Trader Joe’s

Then I saw that Trader Joe’s was right down the block on my way home from yoga. So I started adding in a stop there for scrumptious, easy food pickups.

Fresh Flowers

Then I decided to buy fresh flowers at Trader Joe’s since they’re uber affordable. I’d always wanted weekly flowers. They’re so beautiful. And they smell really good.

Luscious Red Wine

When I come home from yoga, I indulge in luscious red wine, which I only drink on weekends to keep things balanced. It’s a reward and feels great.

Letting Go

Then I wind down from the week and feel great because of Iyengar yoga and still getting good work done so I can appreciate a great meal and am able to let go.

It’s a beautiful taking care of mind + body day.