Decluttering Uncovers Your True Passions…

I turned my living room into a yoga studio!

Decluttering is a surprising experience. When you do it big, going through your lifetime’s worth of stuff, things start to change inside you. You clear clutter from your mind, heart and soul.

I’ve become committed to my Iyengar Yoga practice. Clearing room in my home and head has led to me turning my living room into an open, warm yoga studio.

Make your surroundings what inspires you most.

I had my first PRIVATE YOGA lesson this week. Inspiring. So different from classes, which I also love. We got much more accomplished than in a class. It’s got a whole different flavor. We’re working on handstands, crow and poses that might take me years approaching in a group setting. I was able to do the beginning pieces of these wild poses.

A friend made the great suggestion that since I have room, I offer semi-private classes and invite a few more people for sessions. Going to see where this goes…