Books decluttering in progress — It’s SO emotional! It feels like my life is being pulled out from under me in some ways. And I also feel the openness of walking into new places. VERY tough, wow. Who’s ever decluttered in a big way?

Decluttering is so hard!…

Because it shows you your life passing in front of your eyes. It’s tough and moving.

But here’s the thing.

I’ve started to get that FREEING UP FEELING that we’re all getting [who are doing this]. We’re all passing in and out of that freeing up feeling that decluttering brings. And that freeing up feeling is like gold. That freeing up feeling is new possibilities. That’s context expanding.

The purpose of a book is the information you get from it and the experience you have thanks to it, not keeping it and having it on your shelf. It’s not the “thing;” it’s the experience.

You don’t know what the next thing is and if you stay mired in the last thing, the next thing can’t come.

It’s okay to feel sad. You experience the passage of life. It involves acceptance. It feels poignant. This is a case of you gotta feel your feelings. People don’t do stuff like this cuz it’s hard! But you get such a reward when you do it.

You have to have faith that the next level is coming when you haven’t experienced it yet.

As Lisa touchingly responded today, “You hold the richness inside of you. It’s in everything that you do. It’s in all the beauty that you create.”

Decluttering can pull out your hidden issues! I so want this for all of us.

(From today’s EmbodyFocus session — thank you all )