Ever feel like hibernating this time of year?

Cut yourself a break if the new year doesn’t make you want to tear into new goals.

Jill Kane, wellbeing coach, and I were chatting this week about daily, weekly and seasonal rhythms.

Jill said the beginning of the year isn’t when she feels best focusing on “New Year’s Goals” and revving up. Jill feels like spring with its buds brings that feeling to her. I love April. For me, April 15th is “Sandals Day,” the day you get to ditch socks and let your feet feel air outside — heaven! That brings me fresh energy.

If the new year feels more like a sleepy, stay warm inside, slower season, it can be helpful to work with yourself instead of against natural inclinations. As an entrepreneur, you can choose your fiscal year based on your energy too, like my friend Andre mentioned he does. Run your life the way it feels right for YOU.

Do you feel like revving up or slowing down a certain time of year?