Just Got to Work with Pomodoro Technique Creator, Francesco Cirillo

What a thrill to work live with Francesco.
For anyone unfamiliar, the Pomodoro Technique is a brilliantly simple and effective time management / productivity technique.
Pomodoro means tomato in Italian and is named for the kitchen timer used with the system. There are zillions of online Pomodoro timers too and you can use your phone.
There’s more to this technique than meets the eye. And there’s much more to brilliant creator Francesco Cirillo’s thoughts behind it.
For example: most of us just plan tasks related to a project. Francesco explains why this quickly turns into a tangled mess. His system sorts GOALS, DELIVERABLES AND THEN TASKS. This enables you to keep the big picture in mind, to stay flexible and to once again — save time. There’s lots more.
I completed a Practitioner Training program. In fact, my testimonial’s now on his site.
I’m looking forward to continuing to work directly with Francesco and have great news coming soon about this.
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