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Where to find me.

I write articles for design, interiors, fashion, business and healthy life and spirit resources. My pieces and expert opinions have run in Realtor.com, elephant journal, Hat Trick magazine and Divine Wisdom Academy.

I’ve written liner notes for Capitol Records.

My monthly tech tips column, Embody Your Sexy Geek, was published in the British Hat Trick Magazine (with a readership of 1.4 million). See portfolio above to read articles.

Topics I write about.

I share stories of creating new possibilities and meeting challenges. Topics I cover include:

  • design 
  • decluttering
  • home & fashion 
  • business & entrepreneurship
  • spiritual & emotional topics
  • technology
  • dance, music & the arts 
  • the lessons of play
  • personal transformation 
  • relationships

Contact me if you’re interested in content for your publication. 

 Brilliantly written…

Katie, this is a brilliantly written article! One where you immediately say, “OMG!” Your website is also brilliant. Kudos for all you do, not just for what you’ve written. There’s no question you bring profound new life into the world just by your energy of love and support. Abundantly blessed I’d say.”

— Kellie Frazier
Connecting Faith, Hope & Love
Greenville, SC

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