Decluttering is life-changing. On top of that, I’ve had an unexpectedly fascinating experience selling stuff I’ve decluttered during Covid. There are SO many life and business lessons in this. (Pic is of today’s packages going out the door.)
I’ve written an article called “BIG LESSONS FROM LITTLE SALES” and am happy to share it with anyone interested. It’s too long to post. Some Key Points:

1. Numbers Add Up

Letting little numbers add up is a huge opportunity to understand how money and numbers are on your side without going nuts over the $.

2. Fun

As soon as something becomes fun, it changes everything. Your sense of the time it takes is different. Caring about the details is different. Everything changes and you go deeper into the experience, ironically, when your attitude is lighter.

3. The People Part

One reason Poshmark is so different from other reselling sites is because it’s set up to be a social media platform. The love shared with selling is the bomb. It’s a totally different experience.
There are many, many more points I can share, including tons of specific tips for selling on Poshmark. BTW, I’m now a Poshmark Ambassador, a status you can reach, which comes with privileges and insights and I can share about that too.
PM me if you’d like a copy of the longer article and I’ll link to it eventually here.