Do you have a great support team?

There’s no better or faster way to up-level your life than by putting together a great support team and surrounding yourself with people who help you rise to where you want and deserve to go.

A huge part of my support team is Crystal Dawn Johnson, wealth coach at The Millionaire Launchpad. i’m constantly amazed at the support I get from Crystal.

One recent example is talking through a website project inquiry I received from a client who doesn’t fit my “ideal” client parameters. Crystal helped me figure out how to frame the offer so it would be a win/win. And it worked. I don’t see how I would have done this without her.

Another example: my credit line just got increased without requesting it. It’s because of Crystal’s suggestions for easy ways to improve my rating. Her suggestions improved my rating 100 points within a few months with practically no effort from me. No kidding.

I’m so grateful for my incredible support team who are also my dear friends.