We had a huge storm today.

Roads flooded. Branches and trees fallen across roads. Roads closed.

On my way home, Google took me a different route. A tree smacked right into me. It was pitch black. No road lights. Pouring rain. I saw only black and no warning of the fallen tree branch lying across the road ahead.

It smashed my right front headlight. I’m so grateful.


  • My trustworthy car drove fine with its smashed eye.
  • I’m unscathed.
  • The last time anything like this happened (years ago), my life was in such a different place, the feeling is amazing.
  • Although it will cause an unexpected expense, it’s not going to cause me panic, which it would have not that long ago.
  • A friend was there once home, helping me feel safe and sound.
  • The perspective is a gift. And fun.
  • I feel so much love for my car (Petey) which protected me.

Can you relate?