If you’re faced with a question in your life, ask yourself: What would the higher version of me do / say / think / feel / want?

Don’t know which business or product to focus on? Ask your best self. Don’t know if a relationship is serving you and/or you’re serving it? What would the best version of you feel or try? Not sure whether to risk an investment? Would your best self say to go for it or to hold off?

The answers are there waiting for you. And the cool part is, you’re the one you’re consulting. The best version of you.

And if you’re not sure who the best version of you is, dive into that. What does he/she do all day? What are her biggest joys? What makes him/her laugh?

This is thanks to conversations with Crystal Dawn Johnson. She’s incredible.  This just might change your life. Your work. Your money. Your relationships. Your joy.