Milestone #2: Crow.

The 2nd crazy pose Ryan Gilly has taught me to do years faster than expected — CROW POSE.

Sharing my excitement in being able to do this pose that felt out of my reach.

One of the yoga goddesses I admire looks amazing doing this and I really wanted to be able to do it. I could not figure it out. It takes strength. And understanding how to hold yourself.

There’s a SUPER SWEET WEEKLY CLASS with Ryan on City Island for Westchester residents. Come check it out. Contact me for info.

The 3 main benefits of yoga are: 1. FLEXIBILITY; 2. STRENGTH; AND 3. BALANCE. I was always very flexible but not physically strong. Interesting metaphor, no? Gaining physical strength moves into mental, spiritual and emotional strength too. (Balance for another post.)

For anyone who wants to get into better shape, feel better, look better, gain confidence — I recommend Ryan’s work. Ryan breaks things down in a way no other teacher I’ve worked with does, including brilliant practitioners. It will move your life and physical comfort, health, focus and confidence forward faster than you can believe.