What might feel like a “mistake” is part of your unique road. Have you figured out why you’re here yet? Maybe partially? Your mistakes help point the way! When you fumble, there’s a message there for you. Did it hurt? Why? Why do you care? What would you like to do differently? Mistakes are guideposts taking you where you’re intended to go.

It can hurt so much when we fail or feel like we’ve failed others. That hurt is a sign for you. It’s directing you to what you deeply care about. And it may not be what you — for whatever mixture of reasons — parents, conditioning, group expectations, peer pressure — thought your path was “supposed” to be.

This is why some people say “there are no mistakes.” It’s also the Prodigal Son story lesson — you’re a deeper, richer person with your fumbles than without them. They make you humble. But they also specifically show you gorgeous things you couldn’t see without them. Don’t resent them.

Mistakes are the Universe helping to point you in your direction. I can’t wait to see where you go. It’s bound to be a lot more interesting than you thought before you f’d up.