The Universe is inside you and it has a message for you…

You know that lump in your stomach you feel when things don’t go the way you wanted?
It’s a GOOD thing.
It’s your body telling you to let go.
It’s your body saying, hey, not that way, there’s another way.
That yucky feeling is your friend, your guide, your ally.
When you start to listen to it, new possibilities emerge.
Your vision was limited.
There’s much more in store for you.
It’s so much more, you couldn’t possibly see it from where you are.
That’s why that lump is telling you to let go of your pre-defined, limited story-telling.
The Universe is vast.
You’ve got the Universe inside you.
It’s so vast that when you try to limit it, it gives you a stomach ache.
Don’t fence the Universe in. It’ll just take longer.
Keep your eye on what sets your heart on fire (not the specifics, the idea, the feeling).
The Universe will take care of the details.

— Katie Geddes Colormaiden​